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Do you really understand what Kim means?            PVD Coating February 26            The Calculating Method of K-Gold            Nowadays, getting married is inseparable from diamond rings. New couples usually look carefully after buying diamond rings for a period of time, and feel that a small diamond ring is very magical. They will also see the words on the jewelry, such as 18K, Au750, G750, Pt900. So what does 18K gold mean? Many people don't quite understand it. Detailed as follows: the opening (K) of gold is the unit of gold content. The most common types of gold are 24K, 18K, 14K and 8K. In theory, only 100% of gold can be called 24K gold. But in reality, there can not be 100% gold. Therefore, our country stipulates that only gold with 99.6% or more (including 99.6%) content can be called 24K gold.            18K gold jewelry not only has the precious value of gold, but also because of its perfect proportion of components, strong ductility, high hardness and changeable colors. It can be used in jewelry design to give full play to complex and exquisite creative performance. Because it contains 25% of other metals, 18K gold can also be made into different colors, such as white, yellow and rose-red. They are called white 18K gold, 18K gold and 18K rose gold respectively. In the world jewelry trend, K-gold is the mainstream. Western fashionistas highlight their personal style by wearing unique and distinctive K-gold jewelry. It is precisely because K-gold fashion can always meet the needs of contemporary young people, so its status in the fashion industry has endured for a long time, forming a popular trend of wearing K-gold jewelry. At present, "18K" platinum necklaces, rings and pendants on the market mostly refer to 18K gold. Some products contain less than 18K gold. The so-called white K gold is actually a white mixture of titanium, silver, nickel, rhodium, copper and other metals, not platinum. Some businessmen sell this product as "18K platinum", which is a misleading consumption and deception to consumers. According to the national standard, the purity of gold is expressed as "K". For example, 18K gold generally refers to gold jewelry with 75% gold content. 18K gold is gold with purity greater than or equal to 75%. The factory will combine 25% precious metals according to the needs of the products and decide the color of 18K gold according to the different content of precious metals in 25%.            The Mainstream 18K Gold in China            1. White 18K gold            2. Red 18K Gold            3. Rose gold            4. Painted 18K Gold            18K white is composed of 75% Yellow + 25% silver, nickel + zinc (nickel must not exceed 0.3%).            18K Blue K Gold: 75% Iron (appropriate)            18K Black K Gold: 75%+Thick Iron            18K Purple K Gold: 75%+Lead            18K Yellow K Gold: 75%+Nickel+Silver+Zinc            18K Rose K Gold: 75%+Copper+Silver+Zinc            18K White K Gold: 75%+silver+nickel+platinum+zinc or 75%+palladium, slightly yellowish white            Maintenance methods            1. When wearing 18K gold-inlaid diamond rings, try to avoid contact with chemicals.            The primary color of 18K gold is golden, while the white 18K gold we see is the color after electroplating. If frequently exposed to chemicals (such as skin care products, hand sanitizer, vinegar, etc.), the electroplating layer is easily corroded, revealing the original color of 18K gold. Therefore, please remove the diamond ring when making up and removing makeup. Do not wear the diamond ring to cook, wash, or do chemical experiments. Before doing these things, the diamond ring should be placed gently in the jewelry box where the diamond ring is placed.            2. Avoid collision or friction between diamond rings and hard objects such as metals.            Although diamonds are harder, they may also be cracked. Precious metals such as 18K gold and platinum can also be scratched by friction, or will be extruded and deformed, resulting in a beautiful diamond ring. Therefore, when wearing diamond rings, it is not appropriate to do strenuous physical or sports activities. In this way, it can not only wear elegant taste, but also protect the diamond ring from damage.            3. Avoid drilling rings being subcooled or overheated            Metals have the properties of thermal expansion and contraction, so the temperature will affect the diamond ring. Placing a diamond ring in an overcooled or overheated environment will affect the firmness of the diamond mosaic, and may even make the diamond loose and fall off, causing unnecessary losses. Therefore, do not put the diamond ring in the place of super-cooling and super-heating, and try to avoid entering and leaving places with large temperature difference, such as cold storage, bathroom, etc.            4. Often wipe gently with a soft cloth, but do not use hand sanitizer containing chemical ingredients.            There are too many things to do, so it is inevitable to touch a lot of things. Therefore, diamond rings are more vulnerable to dust or oil pollution. It can be wiped gently with a soft cloth, but do not use hand sanitizer containing chemical composition to clean, so as not to corrode precious metals. You can also regularly go to the shop where the diamond ring is purchased and ask the staff to help clean it and remove the dust, oil and other impurities. This can not only avoid the damage of these impurities to the diamond ring, but also make the diamond ring refreshed.            In other words, the maintenance of 18K gold wedding diamond ring, that is, the usual wearing of the attention, as long as these things can be noted in peacetime, that is the best maintenance of 18K Gold Diamond ring.            The discoloration or fading of 18K gold jewelry is closely related to human sweat. 99% of human sweat is water. The other 1% is waste and harmful substances in human body, such as chloride, lactic acid, urea, urea and ammonia. When these substances contact with silver and copper in K-gold jewelry, they will produce chemical reactions, silver chloride and copper sulfide, and present dark chemical salts. These chemical salts are the main reasons for the discoloration of K-gold. This chemical often falls from K gold jewelry, polluting the wearer's skin, leaving a very clear black stain on the skin.            Some cosmetics also contain some fine hard particles, which can form another type of dirt, thus wearing 18K gold jewelry. Geographical factors may also make gold jewelry lose its bright color. For example: Dryer

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