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With the continuous development of the electronic screen, the screen of the conductivity, transparency two characteristics of increasingly demanding. At present, on indium tin oxide (ITO) as the main material of the transparent conductive film can basically meet the current needs, but ITO material in transparent conductive, two aspects, there the mutual restriction, this may be the development of future transparent conductive film plays a role in hindering.

Recently, research of graphene made significant progress, and the characteristics of graphene also caused material to study the application of hot, that is using graphene as a substitute for ITO, will probably be completely solve the material of conductive and transparent also needs.

ITO conductive film it is accepted, because its resistivity is 10-4 Omega - cm, conductivity is very good; at the same time, ITO conductive film in visible light transmission rate is high, can reach more than 85%, the two properties are joined together, making ITO thin films become the comprehensive performance of the most excellent through one of the transparent conductive material. ITO to magnetron sputtering plating process is given priority to, namely use high-energy particle bombardment of the target, the target atoms sputtered and deposited on the surface of the substrate to form a thin film method. But through the study found, ITO conductive and transparent growth is not synchronous. There is an inverse relationship, the higher the degree of light often conductivity is relatively poor and vice versa. So there are only two characteristics of the intermediate point as the main material of the current transparent film.

Although the Ito in terms of performance has some shortcomings, but still can meet the need of science and technology, but in the long run, perhaps graphene will be able to effectively compensate for defects of ITO material, become after ITO, a new generation of transparent conductive material.

Graphene is a planar thin film which is composed of six angular shaped honeycomb lattice by carbon atoms SP2 hybridized orbitals, and only a carbon atom thickness of a two dimensional material. In 2004, the University of Manchester physicist with a simple mechanical separation method successfully separated graphene, Shi Moxi characteristics as follows:

Properties of graphene

Graphene is the highest known substance of human intensity.

Graphene is the best material in the world.

Graphene is the best material for heat conduction in the world.

Graphene is the lightest and lightest material in the world.

After study, the speed of graphene electron movement reached the speed of 1/300, this amazing speed, also laid the solid foundation of graphene on chip materials alternative silicon. Due to the speeding idea movement, the graphene even very thin thickness is reached, the conductive performance is still very good, the characteristics of better perfect the transparent and conductive demand.

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