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 Product Category: Tungsten and Tungsten Profiles, Molybdenum Profiles           

 Product purity: W1 > 99.95 MO-1 > 99.95           

 Usage: Tungsten heater, vacuum coating, spraying, etc. Tungsten and molybdenum are widely used in thermal field components because of their high temperature resistance and low pollution.   Sputtering target (tube target, plane target, special target), molybdenum electrode, various products for furnace, TZM alloy, Mo-La alloy, tungsten-based high specific gravity alloy, other molybdenum plates, bars, sheets, rods, etc.            In the field of rotating target, the concept of integrated molybdenum tube target has been recognized by customers at home and abroad. Molybdenum sputtering targets of the following sizes can be provided according to user's requirements:           

 Planar target: single weight: < 260kg, purity: > 99.97%           

 Rotary Target-Tube Target: OD: 140-180 mm; ID: 125-135 mm. Length < 3500 mm, purity: > 99.97%           

 Specification: According to the specifications or drawings provided by customers, according to requirements.



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